My aim as a practitioner is to help you begin to heal yourself, so that you can have balance within your body and mind, allowing you to feel relaxed and peaceful. Many people who enjoy Reiki frequently find their overall state of mind is more positive and they are able to live in that 'now' moment more often, rather than continually worrying and thinking about the past and the future. 



The Five Reiki Principles


These Principles that Mikao Usui put into place give us the recipe for an ideal life!  

The idea behind the 'Just for today.'  is that it is difficult to make massive changes in your life all in one go, so if you can work on these things just for that day, and then take each day at a time, eventually it becomes a way of life.

  • Just for today, do not worry

  • Just for today, do not anger

  • Be kind to others today

  • Earn your living honestly

  • Show gratitude to all living things






What is it? “Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘‘universal life energy”, and is used to describe a system of natural, energy healing. Much as traditional eastern acupuncture and reflexology use energy to heal, Reiki does the same. 

Reiki is an excellent tool for relaxation and stress management. It can help to alleviate pain. Boost your immune system and help deal with emotional problems that are holding you back.
The Reiki energy goes to where it is needed. 

Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medicine but it does complement it! 


The benefits of Reiki are all-embracing and exclusive to each recipient, you need only to be willing to allow the healing to take place. Receiving Reiki can bring balance to your spirit, body, mind and emotions; empowering you to feel a positive sense of well-being.


  • Increases life force energy so you will feel healthier physically and emotionally

  • Deep relaxation

  • Relieve stress and tension 

  • Helps overcome fear and anxiety

  • Help to develop a positive attitude

  • Balance energy in the body

  • Relieve pain and discomfort – strengthening the immune system

  • Increases self-esteem


What Will Happen During Your Reiki Treatment 

If this is your first time with Reiki, or me, I will send you a health and lifestyle questionnaire to complete. The purpose of this is to collect medical and lifestyle information. On the day of your appointment, we can discuss how you are feeling in more detail. 

I recommend you wear unrestrictive clothing allowing you to be completely comfortable. You do not need to remove clothing other than coats/jackets and shoes for your own comfort. 

During a Reiki session, you will relax lying down on a treatment table.


Alternatively, you can be seated on a chair if this is preferred - your treatment will be equally as effective, and can be quite useful for those people experiencing back problems, and also if actually getting onto a treatment table is difficult for you.  Seated treatments are generally shorter, lasting around 30-35 minutes, but can sometimes continue for longer, again depending upon need.   


I will place my hands gently and non-intrusively over different areas of the body, remaining longer over ‘problem areas, with the intent for healing energy to flow.


While receiving treatment, clients may feel one of a number of different sensations. Sometimes Reiki is felt as heat or pulsation or throbbing or even tingling. Some clients may have an emotional reaction or a feeling that something is releasing. Sometimes clients are aware of the changes that have taken place and sometimes they are not (because the effects may be subtle). At the very least, Reiki will probably be experienced as extremely relaxing - calming the mind and helping the client to feel refreshed and revitalised. 

As we are all individuals, your encounter with Reiki will be unique to you.

Reiki treatments tend to be cumulative in effect. The more you have, the more clearing occurs.