Emotional Aromatherapy



The Science


Emotions are simply biological responses to chemical processes within our bodies. Chemically, an emotion triggers certain hormone (fight or flight) and this leads to hormonal imbalance. 

Why Choose This As A Means of Therapy?

I use only pure-grade essential oils which are holistic and natural during my therapies.

Emotional aromatherapy harnesses the support of special doTERRA Emotional Blends, which are used to stimulate the brain's limbic system. The process is conducted through a series of therapy sessions, and a deeper exploration of your emotions; we learn how they affect your mind (emotional), body (physical), behaviour (mental), health and general wellbeing. We will look at different methods of developing ways to support a healthy lifestyle; by encouraging the release of trapped emotions, we are able to bring the mind and body into balance and reduce stress - a major contributor to many physical and mental health issues. 

What To Expect?

During your initial consultation, I will carry out a bespoke evaluation of physical, emotional and lifestyle indicators, which include the circadian rhythm, map of the tongue, and emotion code. You will complete the session with a 5ml bottle of essential oil, to work into your daily routine ready for the next consultation. Fortnightly, or monthly follow-up sessions will consolidate on previous discussions and completion of a small activity will allow focus to really gain progress from our sessions.