Distant Reiki

Reiki distant healing is perfect for those unable to travel or leave home or with a busy schedule. It is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables a practitioner to offer Reiki without the recipient being in the room. 

Sessions last for 30 minutes to 1 hour and work in the same way as if you were receiving hands-on treatment.

I connect to your energy from my location and send Reiki to you at a time and date agreed in advance.  

If this is your first time with Reiki, or with me, I will call you and speak to you before your session to explain a little about Reiki and how it could help you and at the same time answer any questions you may have, as well as discuss how you would like the session to support you (e.g., a physical or health issue, for wellbeing or just for relaxation). I will also ask you to send me a picture of yourself beforehand so that I can tune into your energy during the session.  

On the day of the distance Reiki treatment, I will contact you just before the session starts so that you know to get ready and can find some quiet space ready to receive Reiki, ideally lying down and maybe listening to music.

Reiki energy will flow where it is needed. Some clients will feel sensations or emotions during a distant session, and some will not feel anything. The main thing is that you will still receive the benefits of Reiki and be left with an overall feeling of wellbeing and peace. 


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