About Me


My Story

Several years ago, I suffered from work-related stress, anxiety and also lacked confidence in the workplace. 

This left me feeling very unwell suffering from weight gain and digestive problems. I was introduced to Reiki and was amazed at how relaxed it made me feel. Reiki changed my life and it can change your life too!

After personally benefiting from regular Reiki sessions my Reiki master inspired me to train as a Reiki Practitioner, which I did and qualified November 2019. I later became interested in doTERRA essential oils, which encouraged me to study further into other associated Holistic therapies at Cambridge College of Holistic Health (CCHH) https://cchh.co.uk 


Studying Emotional Aromatherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as tapping.


By taking the holistic approach on my health, I now take more care of myself, eat healthy, and enjoy nordic walking.


Sometimes we have to make a decision to try a new therapy and take the holistic approach to healing. I did just that and it was the best thing I ever did regarding my health and wellbeing. Since starting my therapy business, I find my work very fulfilling and rewarding, having the ability to help people to feel better, reduce pain and stress. Most people can benefit from these complementary therapies in one way or another. 


A complementary therapist, however, never claims to cure or diagnose any illness.

My Qualifications and Training
IPHM Certified 

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Level I 

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Level II Practitioner

EFT Aromapressure Practitioner CCHH

Emotional Aromatherapy Adviser CCHH


Fully Insured

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